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We here at The DVD Journal care. Not about you. We care about movies and the best consumer format for movies: Digital Video Disc.

The DVD Journalwas founded in 1998 because the editor had a burgeoning DVD habit of one or two discs a week that was putting local heroin addicts to shame. He enrolled in a methadone program, but fellow staffers convinced him that renting discs at a local shop might be more appropriate.

The DVD Journalis intended for North American and international consumption by all English-speaking peoples. We expect mirror sites in Flemish, Hungarian, and four rare African tribal languages to be online as soon as we can find the proper ASCII sets.

The main offices of The DVD Journalare located in the great Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. We have our offices here because the coffee is better, the beer is better, and for all we know, DVDs look better as well.

The editors and staff writers of The DVD Journal, while able to read and write in English at the fifth-grade level, really have nothing going for them. They are uneducated, often forget to shave or shower, and are best described as ill-tempered. However, no member of The DVD Journal staff has ever been convicted of a felony crime.

All employees of The DVD Journalare required to wear underwear during working hours. Trousers are considered optional, but we strongly encourage our employees to wear those too.

The DVD Journalis pleased to announce that, after careful research, "Would you like to come upstairs and watch a DVD?" is currently the most successful pick-up line on American college campuses, beating out the runner-up "Uh... you want more beer?" We are sorry to report that "Would you like to come upstairs and play 'Magic: The Gathering'?" did not score highly enough to achieve statistical significance of any sort whatsoever.

The editor of The DVD Journal will not take down the numerous Owen Wilson posters in his office. There is only one Butterscotch Stallion, and he shall be revered.

The Official Campaign Slogan of The DVD Journal has yet to be established, but we are currently considering "Generation DVD," "Got DVD?" "Where's The DVD?", "Yeah, My Grandma Has A VCR," and "I'm Cooler Than You Because I Have A Subwoofer in my Living Room."

None of the male staffers on The DVD Journal are gay — but none would kick Hugh Jackman out of bed either. However, the no-spooning rule must remain in effect.

That's all the information we can give you right now until we can convince the young man who just broke into our office to stop moaning about his ex-girlfriend and give us the gun.

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because we can't find any HTML software that doesn't piss us off.

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