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SHORT 8: Vision

Short Cinema Journal (or just SHORT for short) is a DVD series distributed by Warner Brothers every few months or so that spotlight notable examples of short films from a wide variety of genres and styles. SHORT 8 deals with "Vision," the most ambiguous one yet. Past volumes have dealt with issues such as seduction, diversity, or utopia, but the idea of vision in a film is less clear unless you think of the directors all having a vision of what their films are to be about. In any case, each volume of the series separates the shorts within a number of different categories. In SHORT 8 there are four of them: Narrative, Documentary, Music, and Spoken Word. Titles include "The Cinema Ticket," "Sky Above, Heaven Below," "Number One Fan," Leni Riefenstahl's "Tag der Freiheit (Day of Freedom)" (the highlight of the disc), the interactive "Why Liberace?," the animated "Kite", and "Serpent and the Sandman." All of the films look as good as they can be considering the sources, and audio on all of the films is in Dolby Digital. The SHORT series is a good deal, inexpensive, and there's always a few worthy films on each disc to merit buying. Give SHORT 8 or any other in the series a shot. You'll go away pleasantly surprised.

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