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SHORT 8: Vision

Warner Home Video

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For those unfamiliar with Warner Brother's quarterly DVDs entitled SHORT, the series collects short films from around the world. Each volume's films are tied together by a common theme. The latest, SHORT 8, is subtitled "Vision" and it's the most ambiguous one yet. Past volumes have dealt with issues such as seduction, diversity, or utopia, but the idea of vision in a film is less clear unless you think of the directors all having a vision of what their films are to be about. In any case, each volume of the series separates the shorts within a number of different categories. In SHORT 8 there are four of them: Narrative, Documentary, Music, and Spoken Word. Here's a rundown of each film.




Spoken Word:

All of the films look as good as they can be considering the sources. Most of them are shot on a low-budget and so they don't have the glossy look that a lot of films have. Even "Sky Above, Heaven Below", shot in 35mm, looks just so-so. The audio on all of the films is in Dolby Digital. Whether they're in 5.1 or 2.0 all depends on who you believe. On the box, it says 2.0 Dolby Digital but when the disc is in the player, it says 5.1. Either way, the films sound as good as they can.

The SHORT series is a good deal. They're inexpensive and there's always a few worthy films on each disc to merit buying. The best films for this reviewer were "Tag Der Freiheit", "The Cinema Ticket", and "Kite" but for someone else, there might be another that'll be of interest. Give SHORT 8 or any other in the series a shot. You'll go away pleasantly surprised.

— Steven Firstenburg

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