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SHORT 10: Chaos

Warner Home Video

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Review by Dawn Taylor                    

The 10th installment of Warner Brothers' quarterly SHORT DVD series offers an array of short films from the U.S., Hungary, Australia and Turkey. Each volume's films are tied together by a common theme (like vision, utopia, authority, or invention) but this volume's theme, "chaos," is a tenuous connection at best — one is hard-pressed to discern chaos as having much to do with any of the films presented here. No matter.

The big hairy deal about SHORT 10 is the world DVD premiere of George Lucas' student film Electronic Labyrinth, the 15-minute short that eventually became his first feature-length film, THX 1138. Both the box and production notes herald this as "the first film George Lucas has allowed to be issued on DVD", which kind of makes one wonder if he's decided to disown American Graffiti (on DVD for some time as a Universal "Collector's Edition," complete with a new documentary featuring Lucas himself). At any rate, each volume in the SHORT series divides the films into categories, and on this disc we have Classic, Chaos, Narrative, Student, Experimental and Music. Let's begin:







Picture quality depends on the film in question — some of the films' features were shot on 8mm or 16mm, while others are highly professional in quality. Electronic Labyrinth undoubtedly could have been cleaned up quite a bit, but it looks like no one bothered. The audio on all of the films is in Dolby Digital, either 2.0 or 5.1 Surround and, again, the sound wasn't that great on some of these to begin with. But (aside from the commentary track on deliriouspink) it's all pretty clean.

— Dawn Taylor

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