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You Got Served: Take it to the Streets

With the taste of success from 2004's You Got Served still fresh on the filmmakers' lips, a cash-in sequel was all but guaranteed. And as such, production on a You Got Served sequel is in the works. You Got Served: Take it to the Streets is not that sequel, but is instead an exercise video hosted by Served choreographer Dave Scott, which instructs the viewer how to do some of the moves in said hip-hop flicka. Those hoping to get a mastery of the pops, locks, flips, and freezes of the movie may be well served by this release, though it plays similarly to a Jane Fonda video. Beginning with a ten minute warm-up, Take it then shows a sequence from the movie, and instructs the viewer on how to do it themselves. This critic found Scott to move a bit too quickly through some of the routines, but it's likely that's what the rewind button is for. There are three major instructional sections, all interspersed with Scott and crew performing the routines, a sample of some street dance moves hosted by choreographer Shane Sparks, and appearances by Served stars Robert James Hoffman III and Christopher Jones, along with a chance for Scott and back-up dancers/movie extras Tanee McCall, Kristi Crader, Dante Corde, Diona Robinson, and Harry Shum Jr. a chance to freestyle on their own. Unless one has a handle on the basic moves of this style of dancing, the feature may prove a bit unwieldy to those with only a casual interest in popping and locking. But for those who have the basic skills, it may be useful for emulating and learning how to, er… take it to the streets. Those hoping for more footage of movie leads Omari Grandberry and Marques Houston (as advertised) will be fooled by the packaging; they have nothing to do with the 54-minute feature title, but they are found on a supplement where they dance some moves from the movie, and then Grandberry freestyles (4 min.). The main feature is presented in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) and in 2.0 stereo. Also included is "Interviews" (11 min.), which talks to Scott, Jones, Hoffman, the back-up dancers, and the writer/director of You Got Served, Christopher Stokes. There are also three "jump to" features for elements of the video, and numerous previews. Keep-case.

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