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The X-Files: The Complete First Season

Okay X-Files fans — you asked for it, and Fox said yes. The entire first season of The X-Files is now on DVD in a wonderful seven-disc box-set that's worth collecting (albeit at a collector's price). Each one of the 24 episodes from Season One — from the Pilot episode and Deep Throat to the cliffhanger The Erlenmeyer Flask — is here, and standout episodes include the mutant-chasing Squeeze and Toombs, the conspiracy-heavy E.B.E., Scully's death-row drama Beyond The Sea, the now-legendary Eve ("He's been exsanguinated!"), and — one of this writer's favorite X-Files episodes ever — the polar-thriller Ice. Along with the entire first season, extras on board include the short retrospective "The Truth About Season One"; interview segments with series creator Chris Carter; 11 "Behind The Truth" segments (which originally aired on F/X when the show went into syndication); original TV spots for each episode; deleted scenes from both the Pilot episode and Fallen Angel, available on-the-fly; a DVD-ROM game and additional DVD-ROM content; and — if only to prove that this is a definitive collection — scenes from various episodes dubbed in German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish, as they were shown overseas. It ain't cheap, but X-Philes have no cause to complain here. Fox's X-Files: Season One box has set a very high bar for other television compilations on DVD to beat.

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