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A mean-spirited film that sets male/female relationships back 30 years, Whipped is so moronic as to be downright insulting. The story focuses on three twenty-something guys (stuck mentally and emotionally around age 12), who meet weekly at a diner to review their latest scams on the women of New York. Each describes in detail his conquests of the week, the goal being to lure as many woman as possible back to their bachelor pads (charmingly referred to as a "stabbin' cabin") to bed them and then dump them before moving on to the next unsuspecting female. These three knuckleheads — a writer (Zorie Barber), a money broker (Brian Van Holt), and an actor (Jonathan Abrahams) — collectively have the smarts of a toaster oven, and no woman in her right mind would go near them once they opened their mouths. In the first part of the film we suffer through the endless blather of these one-dimensional characters (spouting such witty sayings as "bros before hoes, pals before gals"), who never seem to have to relate to people in the real world. Enter Mia (Amanda Peet), a woman apparently so wonderful that all three men fall for her, are willing to give up their wicked ways for her, and end up fighting over her. That director Peter M. Cohen expects his audience to believe this is a film about "the dating scene in New York and how much fun it can be" means that Cohen is either a sadist, a misogynist, or an adolescent. The director's audio commentary is just as emotionally stunted as the film, with Cohen rambling on about his friends and financing — making us realize that almost anybody can make a movie these days. "Everybody fucks everybody. It's the nature of the beast," intones the voiceover. Looks like that's just what Cohen did to his friends who helped finance this debacle. This infantile piece of crap from the Planet Stupid isn't worth the keep case it comes in. Columbia TriStar presents Whipped in anamorphic widescreen and full-screen versions with 5.1 Dolby Digital and 2-channel Dolby surround options. Theatrical trailers and talent files.
—Kerry Fall

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