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Village of the Giants

Ten reasons why 1965's Village of the Giants is one of the best movies ever made:

  1. It's written, produced and directed by the infamous Bert I. Gordon, who was responsible for The Amazing Colossal Man, Attack of the Puppet People, and Empire of the Ants.
  2. It stars Tommy Kirk and Beau Bridges.
  3. It claims to be based on "Food of the Gods" by H.G. Wells.
  4. It features bad teens eating pink goo cooked up by Kirk's girlfriend's little brother, "Genius" — who's played by Ron Howard! — then growing to enormous size, wearing curtains from the local theater as togas, and terrorizing the town.
  5. The scene where the Beau Brummels play in the town's discotheque, and the gyrating teenagers are joined by giant dancing ducks — which doesn't freak anybody out.
  6. Gigantic Beau Bridges in a red velvet toga, eating from tiny fried chicken buckets and drinking miniature Cokes.
  7. The sight of a normal-sized guy hanging from a giant pair of fake breasts that are supposedly attached to actress Joy Harmon (who's most famous as the girl washing her car in Cool Hand Luke.)
  8. Lots of go-go dancing, courtesy of choreographer Toni Basil — who plays a character named "Red,", and has one line plus a hoochie-coochie scene where she dances for the giant teens as they eat from their tiny chicken buckets.
  9. Tommy Kirk battling, and electrocuting, a giant tarantula.

MGM offers Village of the Giants as part of their "Midnite Movies" imprint in a standard ratio (1.33:1) and with audio in Dolby 2.0 mono. Subtitles in French and Spanish. Keep-case.
—Dawn Taylor

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