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Two Moon Junction

Zalman King's 1988 drama, Two Moon Junction, is a real head-scratcher: we've always thought that romantic movies should present a couple worth cheering for... individuals we actually want to see together at the end of the story. Well, give King and his actors, Sherilyn Fenn and Richard Tyson, credit for trying something different: Two Moon Junction features a couple of characters who deserve to have their faces slapped -- repeatedly -- for the immature, irresponsible way in which they fall into each other's beds on the eve of Fenn's marriage. The story becomes a manic-depressive version of The Bridges of Madison County as we witness many tender scenes of the pair alternately having sex then fighting, over and over and over. For some reason, we're supposed to care about their plight, but be warned: we got far more enjoyment from Herve "Tattoo" Villechaize's profanity-laden cameo than everything else in this movie combined. The disc's supplemental features are just as barren as the film itself: the only goodie is the presence of both widescreen and full-frame versions on the same DVD. There's nothing else, not even a trailer. It comes in a keep case -- but why would you want to?
—Joe Barlow

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