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Retired and defeated private eye Harry Ross (Paul Newman) is reduced to running demeaning odd jobs for rich, ailing actor Jack Ames (Gene Hackman). When one of these jobs ends up in a murder investigation -- with Harry a prime suspect -- he eagerly begins investigating the dark, buried secrets of an old Hollywood lovers' feud and discovers that old friends are merely old. By no means a gripping thriller, Twilight feels more like a well-thought-out excuse to get Newman, Hackman, James Garner and Susan Sarandon in a movie together. Director Robert Benton sets an appropriately wistful and relaxed tone. As you'd expect, the acting is great. The mystery is purely incidental. Also with Stockard Channing and -- in an obvious effort to inject some youth into this codgers' reunion -- Reese Witherspoon, who gets topless in the first ten minutes. Good widescreen transfer (1.85:1), DD 5.1 or 2.0, trailer, keep-case.

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