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Tin Cup

Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy (Kevin Costner) squanders his talent as a golf pro in the sand trap of Salome, Texas -- that is, until he falls in love with the psychologist girlfriend (Rene Russo) of an old college teammate (Don Johnson). How to win her heart? Win the US Open. Director Ron Shelton (who co-wrote the script with John Norville) has crafted a terrific romantic comedy about the psychological pitfalls of sport, love, and life. He's also, by the way, made one of the greatest sports movies ever, distilling the subconscious goal of athletic achievement to its purest, truest, and most stirring realization. Tin Cup is a wonderful film that stands up to repeated viewings -- and, no, I am not a golf nut. This film is for everybody. Cinematographer Russell Boyd makes the golf course look like heaven on earth. Also with Cheech Marin as McAvoy's best friend and caddy, and cameo appearances by several of golf's biggest names (pre-Tiger Woods, that is). Presented in 2.35 widescreen or pan-and-scan and with 5.1 Dolby Digital. Textual supplements, snap-case.

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