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Time Bandits: The Criterion Collection

Terry Gilliam's whimsical Time Bandits has become a favorite of many over the years since it first appeared in 1981, even though Gilliam himself has said that the film was the product of his inability to get Brazil made, causing him to look for a simpler project. David Warnock stars in Time Bandits as Kevin, a young English lad with a wide imagination but overbearing parents. When he encounters a group of renegade dwarves in his bedroom one night, he joins their time-travel journey, never sure if he wants to go home or remain a castaway in time. If you haven't seen this one for a while, it's worth seeing again, if only for the visual inventiveness that could only come from the mind of an animator such as Gilliam. Also starring co-writer Michael Palin as a star-crossed lover, Sean Connery as Agamemnon, John Cleese as Robin Hood, Ian Holm as Napoleon, and David Warner as the embodiment of pure evil. Co-produced by George Harrison. Excellent transfer, Dolby 2.0, commentary track with Gilliam, Palin, Warnock, Cleese, and Warner, video montage of stills from the film's production, trailer.

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