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Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun

It's heartening to see educational films being released on DVD, especially when the offering in question is this solid. Ever wonder what keeps your favorite rollercoaster from tumbling off the track midway through the loop-the-loop? This is one of the many questions answered in the fascinating IMAX documentary, Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun. This 40-minute film explores the history of thrill rides, the safety considerations that go into their planning, and the process by which these beloved attractions are designed and built. Although firmly rooted in science, the work never drags, and it should hold the attention of your favorite student or rollercoaster buff. Thrill Ride is a reference quality disc, boasting one of the sharpest visual transfers we've yet seen, thanks to the increased resolution and clarity of the 70mm IMAX film stock. All DVDs should look this great! The Dolby 5.1 audio track is also stellar, giving your subwoofer one of the toughest workouts its ever had. The disc also includes a "making-of" featurette and an IMAX trailer gallery. English, French, Spanish and Japanese audio tracks are included, all in Dolby Digial 5.1. Keep case.
—Joe Barlow

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