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The Suburbans

Brace yourself, girls — here come the new Beatles! Well... not that new, actually. Donal Lardner Ward's The Suburbans is a clever satire about a fictional '80s rock band trying to reestablish a music career eighteen years after being dropped by their record label. It's an amusing (and sometimes hilarious) look at an industry well known for rewarding image rather than talent, and the best moments of the film are those in which the band members are forced to deal with being balding, frumpy middle-age men in a profession dominated by the young and beautiful. Although the film's teeth are not as sharp as either This is Spinal Tap or That Thing You Do — two films which clearly inspired it — there is much to like here, including the terrific ensemble performance by a first-rate cast. The music is a lot of fun, too, and thank God for small favors: The Suburbans' fictional hit single, "By My Side," is heard approximately 67 gajillion times by the time the end credits are finished. Unfortunately, the DVD contains no special features to speak of, apart from a theatrical trailer. Some "phony" interviews with the band members, or the inclusion of the complete "By My Side" video (portions of which are seen in the movie) would have been terrific additions to this charming film. Be sure to look for the amusing cameos by Dick Clark and MTV's Kurt Loder. Nice widescreen transfer (1.85:1).

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