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Sergeant Todd (Kurt Russell) is a soldier who was selected at his birth (in 1996) to be part of a military program that creates perfect warriors. Since childhood he has learned how to take orders, look out for his comrades, and kill the enemy. But by the age of 38, the veteran of several earth-bound and interplanetary battles is obsolete. Presumed dead after a training demonstration with a newer breed of soldier, Todd is dropped on a far-flung planet used only for waste disposal, where he encounters a group of wayward colonists and must learn to become part of their non-militarized society. Soldier was sold to movie-audiences as an action film, and there's plenty of firepower on the screen (especially in the final 30 minutes), but many viewers will be surprised at its more thoughtful aspects. Screenwriter David Webb Peoples (Blade Runner, Unforgiven, Twelve Monkeys) uses a generous amount of his script to explore how difficult it is for the dehumanized Sgt. Todd to integrate himself into a diverse social structure. Russell's performance is strangely effective, since his character barely speaks during the film and is incapable of facial expression, and yet is a compelling protagonist. Also starring Gary Busey, Jason Scott Lee, Michael Chiklis, and Jason Issacs. Excellent transfer, noisy DD 5.1, commentary track with director Paul Anderson, producer Jeremy Bolt and actor Issacs, textual supplements.

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