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Slap Shot

Paul Newman stars as the aging player/coach of a losing minor league pro hockey team that's about to be secretly disbanded at the end of the season. To turn the team around, he inspires a strategic revolution: don't try and win the game, just start fights. As the team becomes increasingly violent, attendances grow, and soon the other teams are so intimidated that Newman's team finds itself on a winning streak and the championship within reach. An apparent comment on the circus atmosphere surrounding the sport at the time, Slap Shot is not only hopelessly dated by now, but it's also only occasionally amusing. Too much time is spent trying to sort out the personal lives of dull players like Michael Ontkean, when all we want to do is watch the hilarious Hanson brothers kick ass. Too little, too late -- and even the promising finale peters out. Directed by George Roy Hill. Presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and Dolby 2.0. Textual supplements.

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