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So I Married An Axe Murderer

After Wayne's World but before Austin Powers, Mike Myers starred in this witty little movie about a young man's love for a woman and his fear that she is trying to kill him. Myers is Charlie Mackenzie, a San Francisco denizen and beat poet who falls for local butcher Harriet (Nancy Travis). But his mother's obsession with the "fact-filled" Weekly World News — and in particular a story about a mysterious "Mrs. X" who marries hapless men and them kills them — sends Charlie into an uncontrollable paranoia when he suspects Harriet is the fugitive she-killer. With several knowing nods towards Hitchcock's excellent Suspicion (and a conclusion that echoes To Catch a Thief), Myers appears to be having a lot of fun here, and even if the slender premise is barely enough for a movie, it's an effective clothesline that he uses to string along a number of funny set pieces. Myers' additional performance as Charlie's father — a garrulous, boozy Scotsman — provides some of the movie's best gags, and he delivers a Scottish brogue with all the sublety of a foghorn. Also starring Brenda Fricker, Anthony LaPaglia, Amanda Plummer, and Alan Arkin, and with cameo appearances by Charles Grodin, Steven Wright, Michael Richards, and Phil Hartman. Good transfer, Dolby 2.0, and a very funny trailer.

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