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SHORT 9: Trust

Thanks to the Internet, short films have been making a bit of a comeback lately. Sites like AtomFilms regularly showcase new original shorts, and abbreviated, much-forwarded parodies like "George Lucas in Love" and "Troopers" are landing their creators big-time development deals. Good thing there are collections like Warner Brothers' Short Cinema Journal DVD series. Every few months, Warner picks a particular theme, collects a series of short films from around the world, and releases them on a new DVD. SHORT 9: Trust features 11 films divided into five categories, including Clown Car, Love Bites, Sidewalkers, My Beautiful Me, Maestro, Bloodlock, Tiny Sunbathers, Alternative Head, Vertical Air, and Backstage with Heather Woodbury. If you're a fan of short films, this disc — as well as the others in the SHORT series — is worth adding to your collection, if for gems like "The Raven" and "Love Bites" alone.
—Betsy Bozdech

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