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In a hackneyed sci-fi world where nations have gone bankrupt and society is micromanaged by monopolistic corporations, the people thrill to a violent sport called Rollerball. James Caan plays Johnny E., the game's top talent. He plays with passion and a dominating will to win, even when the corporate bosses mysteriously try to make him quit. What could've been amusing camp is instead painfully slow and brooding. Director Norman Jewison takes writer William Harrison's shallow omens of Big Brother far more seriously than they warrant, and Caan is stranded as the focal point of a very dull experience. As far as the action goes, only the climactic scene has any grit or teeth to it; the rest is pure yawn fodder. Also with John Houseman and Maud Adams. Presented in 1.85 widescreen with pan-and-scan on the flipside and a 5.1 Dolby Digital re-mix. Includes a feature-length audio commentary by Jewison, a featurette with behind-the-scenes footage, and a dreadfully dull interactive "Rollergame."

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