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Robocop: The Criterion Collection

Paul Verhoeven's unrated, original director's cut is a sophisticated comic-book bloodbath that finds much of its effect in the simple, sardonic sci-fi tweaking of reality. The privatized management of law enforcement in slightly futuristic Detroit transforms a dying policeman (Peter Weller) into a human/robot hybrid cop. He fights crime with the efficiency of a machine, until his emotions (and some questionable programming) get in the way. Robocop has good action, fine special effects, some amusing satire, and is also very, very gross. Criterion has decked out this edition with some awesome bells and whistles. A good widescreen transfer (1.66:1, RSDL) and Dolby 2.0 presentation are supplemented by a commentary track featuring director Paul Verhoeven, co-writer Edward Neumeier, and executive producer Jon Davison. Extras also include a film-to-storyboard comparison, an illustrated essay on the making of Robocop, plus theatrical and teaser trailers.

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