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Rush Hour: Platinum Series

The young daughter of a Chinese diplomat is kidnapped by a mysterious organization, giving the FBI a tough case, a potential international crisis, and an even bigger headache when the diplomat requests Lee (Jackie Chan), his top cop in Hong Kong, be put on the case. As a result, the FBI digs up lunatic LAPD detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) and tasks him with babysitting Lee — except that the two of them have no intentions of standing aside as the FBI takes charge. Rush Hour is a frothy mix of action of comedy, and it is certain to launch at least one sequel, even thought the hyperkinetic Tucker and soft-spoken Chan don't really have the sort of chemistry that has made so many other cop-buddy films successful (e.g., Lethal Weapon, Running Scared, or 48 Hours). At least director Brett Ratner had the good sense to let Chan choreograph his fight sequences, and his fans will find the results pleasing and a worthy entry into the Chan oeuvre (the pool-hall melee is a particular delight). An additional 40-minute documentary on this New Line disc contains a great deal of dull chatter from the film's principals, but also features an extensive look at how Chan creates his inimitable brand of chop-sockey, working initially with his own stunt people in rehearsal and then with the cast during filming, which by itself warrants a rental for Chan-fans. Also starring Chris Penn, Ken Leung, Tom Wilkinson, and Tzi Ma. Good transfer, DD 5.1, commentary with Ratner, isolated score track with commentary by composer Lalo Schifrin, the 1990 short film "Whatever Happened to Mason Reese" directed by Ratner, deleted scenes, two music videos, trailer.

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