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Prophecy III: The Ascent

The third installment in The Prophecy series isn't nearly as good as the original or nearly as bad as the sequel. Directed by verteran editor and Wes Craven protegé Patrick Lussier, Prophecy 3 is a solid, workmanlike low-budget horror flick with no real terror in store, but it does offer up some nifty angel-fu, and it's an acceptable, if flimsy, continuation of the Angel War saga. Christopher Walken chews the scenery wearing a Grandma Addams wig but still is compelling (he is, after all, Christopher Walken) as angel Gabriel, who has fallen from angel status and doesn't seem to mind. He spends his time looking out for half-angel Danyael, a bitter street-preacher who may be humanity's hope in the angel war. Vincent Spano plays God's foot soldier, the angel Zophael, whose goal is to cut out Danyael's heart before he can pose a threat to the Bad Angels plan for total genocide. Not a great movie, but a decent time-waster. Good widescreen transfer (1.85:1), DD 5.1. Trailer for From Dusk 'Til Dawn 3.

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