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Polish Wedding

Another quirky ethnic family dramedy, this one about a big Polish family in a Detroit suburb, in which the female members have trouble keeping their knickers on. Claire Danes is Hala, a teen who takes after her mother (Lena Olin), trading recklessly with her sexuality. Circumstance has it that Hala gets in a family way just after being chosen by the town church to lead the Procession of the Virgin. Irony of ironies (and why the most indiscreet slut in town was selected is anybody's guess). Polish Wedding fails to inject any life into this now stale genre. This movie is so aggressively and obviously quirky that it borders on surreal, but at the expense of audience. Instead of eliciting empathy, this dysfunctional family comes off as plain weird, and the climax suggests first-time writer-director Theresa Connelly has no insight into small ethnic communities (the incongruously idyllic ending is no help either). Also starring Gabriel Byrne. 1.85:1 widescreen and 2.0 surround, with Spanish subtitles and English CC. Keep Case, no extras.

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