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Pinocchio: Limited Issue

Jiminy Cricket narrates Walt Disney's second full-length animated feature, concerning the adventures of Pinocchio, a marionette created by carpenter Gepetto, who is brought to life by a fairy godmother and given the chance to become a real little boy if he proves that he is honest, brave, and unselfish. The story may seem overly maudlin, but it never loses its charm and contains a few exciting moments, such as the escape from Pleasure Island, where boys are turned into donkeys, and the final seaborne battle with the vicious whale "Monstro." Songs include "Give a Little Whistle," "An Actor's Life For Me," and "When You Wish Upon a Star." Very nice transfer from a clean source print (1.33:1), Dolby Digital 4.0, original theatrical trailer, but buyer beware -- the corresponding VHS edition is transferred from the same print, contains an additional "behind-the-scenes" documentary, and comes at a cheaper price. The DVD is a very nice collector's item, but some may consider the VHS edition to be a better overall value, particularly for those who don't intend to buy both.

(Editor's Note: A new DVD edition of Pinocchio will arrive on March 7, 2000, with additional behind-the-scenes material.)

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