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Maximaillian Cohen (Sean Gullette), a reclusive young mathematician, is determined to find patterns in chaos systems, but when he begins to accurately predict the stock market, he finds himself pursued by a Wall Street firm that will stop at nothing to learn his secrets. Meanwhile, a 216-digit number he discovers but can't explain causes a sect of Hasidic Jews to pursue him as well in the hopes that he can decode the Torah, which they believe is a numerological message from God. Directed by Darren Aronofsky (for a mere $60,000), the Kafkaesque Pi is vastly more intelligent and entertaining than most of today's Hollywood drivel. Mark Margolis, as Max's stroke-ridden mathematical mentor, is excellent, and the techno-pop score (by Clint Mansell of Pop Will Eat Itself) complements the high-contrast black-and-white cinematography. Good transfer, Dolby 2.0, two commentary tracks (one with Aronofsky, the other with Gullette), deleted scenes, "behind-the-scenes" footage, two trailers, textual supplements.

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