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The Naked Kiss: The Criterion Collection

As lurid melodramas go, you'll be hard-pressed to dig up a yarn as campy and disturbing as Samuel Fuller's sentimental, decadent masterpiece The Naked Kiss. Embittered call-girl Kelly (Constance Towers) tries to reinvent herself as a small-town philanthropist, but soon discovers that idyllic Grantville is a teeming hotbed of supressed perversion. The Naked Kiss veers skillfully from absurdly gripping melodrama to sordid film noir, always unsettling and rueful. Its few prosaic moments are swept along in a strong current of menacing desperation, with a superb, tough script and direction by the inimitable Fuller. Great transfer of Stanley Cortez's black-and-white cinematography in 1.66:1 widescreen, DD 1.0 audio. Keep case.

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