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Murder at 1600

This routine-but-fun potboiler from director Dwight Little may not have too much in the way of an inventive script, but it's got plenty of Wesley Snipes, and that's all we were looking for anyway. Snipes stars as D.C. homicide detective Harlan Regis, who is brought in to investigate a murder at the White House, only to discover that his chief purpose is to establish the credibility of the investigation but not solve a damn thing. Irked by the White House brass and determined to complete his investigation, Regis solicits the help of sharp-shooting Secret Service Agent Nina Chance (Diane Lane), who also knows that there's more to the case than meets the eye. The only problem is that the duo aren't tracking down ordinary criminals -- they're pissing off a faceless conspiracy that could make them disappear with little more than a phone call. Offering two-dimensional characters, a nifty little whodunit, and enough action for Snipes to get in a workout, Murder at 1600 is a perfect boredom-killer that moves swiftly and entertainingly, but never too deep. The supporting cast is a treat as well, including Ronny Cox as the President, Alan Alda as his National Security Advisor, a sardonic Dennis Miller as Regis's partner, and the menacing Daniel Benzali as the head of the Secret Service -- a man who is determined to see that Regis's investigation is buried with all sorts of other White House secrets. Grab some popcorn (and your suspension of disbelief) and give it a spin. Good transfer, DD 5.1, trailer, textual supplements.

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