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Mr. Nice Guy

Mild-mannered television chef Jackie (Jackie Chan) has a run in with an investigative reporter (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) who has stolen an incriminating videotape from a group of fiendish gangsters. When the two accidentally exchange tapes and Jackie can't find the original, the gangsters target the diminutive cook, an expert in the kitchen who is also inexplicably a master of martial arts. With such a feeble sitcom script for a plot, Mr. Nice Guy doesn't rank up there with Jackie's best stuff (such as Supercop or First Strike), and even most of the action is lackluster. Chan-fans will want to check this one out just for a few choice set pieces, including a chase on a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Melbourne, a harrowing escape from a high-rise building, and an excellent fight sequence in a construction site. It's just too bad we have to sit through so much languid comedy to get to these few good scenes. Directed by longtime Chan collaborator Sammo Hung (who also makes a brief appearance). Good transfer, Dolby 5.1, trailer, textual supplements.

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