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Modern Times: The Chaplin Collection

Charlie Chaplin's famous satire of the Machine Age gets a gorgeous make-over and plenty of supporting supplements (plus, Paulette Goddard as "a gamin" makes us yearn for the good old days all by herself). This masterful blend of comedy, concern toward rising social ills, and tender love story receives blue-ribbon treatment in this series of Chaplin classics authorized by the Chaplin estate through the French company MK2 and Warner Brothers. Besides an exemplary restoration that looks and sounds superb, this two-disc edition delivers an eccentric array of extras, including an introduction by Chaplin biographer David Robinson, the documentary Chaplin Today - Modern Times, a collection of tangentially related historical oddities, trailers of Modern Times from various countries and decades, an extensive photo gallery, an outtake scene, the complete "nonsense song," and scenes from the ten films in The Chaplin Collection. It's much nicer than getting sucked into the cogs of a giant machine.
—Mark Bourne

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