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Logan's Run

It was touted as a landmark in sci-fi cinema upon its release in 1976, but when it comes to moldy, dated filmmaking, Logan's Run doesn't pass the sniff-test. Michael York stars as Logan, a police officer in a future utopia where hedonism is the only purpose of society, but all are doomed to death by the age of 30. As a "Sandman," Logan's job is to exterminate "runners," late-twentysomethings who try to escape to the outside. However, when Logan is given the assignment to leave the city and search for "Sanctuary," a hypothetical new society started by escaped runners, he chooses to run himself. Logan's Run aims for high-concept, but fails to provide a vision of a disturbing and possible future (unlike the excellent Gattaca), and the film is further encumbered by wooden acting, spiritless editing, outrageously cheap special effects, and costumes that could have been swiped from any high-school drama department. This is the year 2274? Logan's Run is as locked into the '70s as disco and shag carpeting, and the fact that the ageless Star Wars arrived only one year later is astounding. Also starring Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan, Peter Ustinov, and Farrah Fawcett. Good transfer from a clean source print, new DD 5.1 mix, commentary track with York, director Michael Anderson, and costume designer Bill Thomas, promotional featurette, trailer.

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