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The Kid: The Chaplin Collection

Charlie Chaplin's first feature-length film (50 minutes, to be precise) kicked off a new and important phase in the great director's career: his move to long comedies that blended his masterful comic skills with emotive sentimentality that, in hindsight, tells us a good deal about the troubled inner voices that drove Chaplin throughout his career. 1921's The Kid blends pitch-perfect comedy with thorough heartstring-tugging. It made five-year-old Jackie Coogan an international celebrity and endures as one of Chaplin's finer films. This two-disc release, part of the MK2/Warner Chaplin Collection, delivers an excellent print with Chaplin's 1971 musical score in DD 2.0 mono and DD 5.1. Extras include a Chaplin biographer David Robinson's introduction, a documentary featurette, and numerous trinkets from Chaplin's 1920s.
—Mark Bourne

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