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Jumanji: Collector's Edition

With the release of Jumanji: Collector's Edition, Columbia TriStar once again establishes its dominance in the DVD field — this new offering is a vast improvement over the studio's previously released (and quite acceptable) Jumanji disc. Although the story itself isn't particularly noteworthy, the film succeeds as a stylized piece of eye candy, in the same visceral vein as Armageddon or Con Air. In the story, Jumanji is the name of a magical board game which has the power to bring to life its players' worst nightmares — and don't even think about trying to quit playing midway through, as Alan (Robin Williams) and Sarah (Bonnie Hunt) soon discover. Many of the film's CGI animals are wondrous creations, particularly the ferocious lion, who becomes just as much a character as any of its human co-stars (which include Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce). The film is presented in a terrific widescreen transfer (1.85:1), while the disc itself includes enough supplemental material to satisfy even the most devout fans. Special-effects aficionados will no doubt enjoy the audio commentary track by the movie's SFX crew, as well as the three (count 'em, three!) documentaries on the making of the film. Storyboards, trailers, photo galleries, and an isolated musical score are also provided.
—Joe Barlow

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