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The Jackal: Collector's Edition

This remake of the classic 1973 thriller The Day of the Jackal manages to take Frederick Forsythe's original story and abuse it to such a degree that somebody should file a restraining order. FBI agent Sidney Poitier teams up with IRA prisoner Richard Gere to seek out "The Jackal," an elusive assassin played by Bruce Willis. The original film was about two men who were professionals. The remake exchanges professionalism for and old grudge and a lot of alpha-male posturing, and the substitution of Edward Fox's sleek one-shot assassin's rifle with Willis' truck-mounted cannon pretty much sums up the bigger-makes-better ethos here. 5.1, good picture, Collector's Edition extras, including a commentary, a documentary, and an alternate ending that (surprise) is better than the one the test audiences must have selected.

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