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Honeymoon in Vegas

Enter one Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage), a man tormented, even in his dreams, by his mother, who told him on her deathbed to never get married. And even though he never made the promise, Jack still has a problem with the vows that bind. Enter Betsy (Sara Jessica Parker) — beautiful, kind, and desperately seeking a husband. Jack loves her, but his haunted dreams of a disapproving mother don't exactly set the wedding bells ringing. But when Besty gives Jack an ultimatum, the couple head to Las Vegas — the land of hollow dreams, high rollers, and shotgun weddings. Unfortunately for Jack, Vegas is also a town of smooth gamblers like Tommy Corman (James Caan), who decides that Betsy is a near perfect twin of his dearly departed wife and, um, would make a fine replacement. Relying on his considerable gambling skills, Tommy soon has Jack putting up his fiancé for the weekend in an effort to forgive a sizable — albeit masterfully crafted — debt of $65,000. Nicholas Cage fans know that he's equally at home in comedies, action flicks, thrillers, and even romances, but writer-director Andrew Bergman's 1992 Honeymoon in Vegas has become one of his most popular films to date — an edgy, laugh-out-loud romance that features the Cage in his best in-over-his-head persona, and Parker as the object of his frustrated affections. Meanwhile, Caan delivers a schmoozing, filthy-rich gambler profile flawlessly. Great soundtrack, and those Flying Elvises, falling from the Las Vegas night sky in their diamond-studded glory, makes for an unforgettable ending. Regrettably, Honeymoon in Vegas has been released by MGM in a full-screen format (as was the 1993 Laserdisc), which makes this item far from definitive. Good for fans of the film who like chapter selection and repeated viewings. Nice transfer, Dolby 2.0 Surround. Trailer, keep-case.

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