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The Gold Rush: The Chaplin Collection

One of the great Charlie Chaplin's greatest films, The Gold Rush brings with it some of cinema's indelible images: Trapped in a remote Yukon cabin during a blizzard, the iconographic Little Tramp dines on a boiled leather shoe, applying to the dubious meal all the refined elegance of fileted pheasant at the Russian Tea Room. The Tramp's rickety cabin, blown to a cliff edge, teeters above a mountain chasm with every move he makes. And here's where you'll find one of movie-making's sublime sequences — the "Oceana Roll" dance with forks and buns. This masterful blend of comedy, Yukon adventure, and poignancy receives blue-ribbon treatment in this series of Chaplin classics authorized by the Chaplin estate through the French company MK2 and Warner Brothers. On hand are exemplary restorations of both the original 1925 version and the 1942 reissue retooled by Chaplin for the sound era. Scholarly extras include an introduction by Chaplin biographer David Robinson, the documentary Chaplin Today - The Gold Rush, trailers of The Gold Rush from various countries and decades, and extensive photo gallery, and scenes from the ten films in The Chaplin Collection. It's as good as striking gold.
—Mark Bourne

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