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Going Overboard

Adam Sandler is a big, big star, as he's now proven with consecutive record-setting opening weekends. As with most actors when they reach a certain box-office status, the desperation they felt early their career often comes to light in the form of unfortunate straight-to-video releases of first film roles they'd rather forget. Going Overboard, Sandler's debut in 1989, is one of those reminders. Sandler stars as Shecky Moskowitz, a cruise ship waiter who yearns to replace the vessel's womanizing star comedian. It's almost a given that when a film broaches the actual subject of comedy it won't be funny, and there are very few moments when Sandler's early, incomplete comic persona can overcome the chronic wince this movie provokes. One thing has to be said for the casting director of Going Overboard: they won the lottery in selecting future stars. Sandler is joined, briefly, by Billy Bob Thornton, and, to a lesser extent, by Peter Berg and Billy Zane (as King Neptune). Zane has nothing to be ashamed of, though; this is slightly better written than his 1997 seafaring disaster. Also with Burt Young as General Noriega! A piece of shit. Presented in a full-frame 1.33:1 transfer with Dolby Surround 2.0.
—Gregory P. Dorr

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