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From Justin to Kelly

Kelly (Kelly Clarkson) is suckered by her buddies to drive them down to Florida for spring break, while Justin (Justin Guarini) is working the week with his crew of prime party hustlers, making some money to pay for college. The two meet on the beach and when they finally cross paths again Kelly throws Justin her number — only for it to fall in puddle and become illegible. Justin thinks he gets Kelly's number from her friend Alexa (Katherine Bailess), but what Justin doesn't know is that Alexa has her eye on him and gave him her number instead of Kelly's. Though not exactly original or super rewarding entertainment, 2003's summer musical comedy flop From Justin to Kelly at least never tries to be anything more than a light-hearted PG fluff. And for what it is, it's relatively entertaining. The dance sequences — while never being all that elaborate — are good, and the musical numbers are well sung. A modest effort, though it never had any more aspirations than being entertaining, in it's "Let's put on a show" way, it succeeds. Fox presents FJ2K in anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1) on one side and in full-frame on the other. The full-frame presents the theatrical cut while the widescreen side offers both the theatrical and extended cut that contains two additional numbers ("Brighter Star" and "With Love From Me to You"). All are presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Extras include an audio commentary with director Robert Iscove, Kelly Clarkson, and Justin Guarini, three deleted scenes, and the featurettes "Video Scrapbook," "Center Stage with Justin and Kelly," and "Singers Who Can Dance … Dancers Who Can Sing?" (6:38). Also included is a gag reel. Keep-case.

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