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FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) must learn where gangster Caster Troy (Nicolas Cage) has planted a bomb. When Troy is captured and goes into a coma, an experimental medical procedure allows Archer to take Troy's face and infiltrate his rank and file. But then Troy awakens and forces the surgeon to give him Archer's face. Or at least that's the pitch they used when they sold this one to the studio. But the adrenaline-injected rush of Face/Off overcomes its farfetched plot in the hands of Hong Kong master filmmaker John Woo (Hard Boiled, The Killer). Travolta and Cage must have gone to the Chow Yun Fat school of acting for this one, delivering over-the-top performances and plenty of slo-mo, horizontal-leaping, two-guns-blazing HK violence. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the ride. Flawless anamorphic transfer, crankable DD 5.1. Trailer, keep-case

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