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Everything Put Together

Everything Put Together is a horror film for women. Or, rather, not for women. At least not for those who are or intend to be pregnant anytime soon. Radha Mitchell (who is striking like Emmanuelle Beart, minus the exotic Frenchiness) stars as Angie, an expectant first-time mother in a circle of childbearing women. Although her best friend successfully delivers a few weeks before Angie's due-date, Angie can't shake the suspicion that something is wrong with the child inside of her. Directed by Marc Forster (Monster's Ball) and shot with great impact on digital video, Everything Put Together gives birth to the psychological horrors brought on by prenatal fears and some difficult postnatal realities. Mitchell is terrific, ambiguously shifting back and forth across the line of sanity, and the rest of the cast delivers effortless, natural performances, adding to the immediacy of Forster's well-employed low budget aesthetic. Although it may not deliver the payoff it seems to promise in the early going, the final moments are, subtly and effectively, more haunting than those of any run-of-the-mill shocker. With a good turn from Megan Mullally, who is nothing like her annoying character on Will and Grace. Ventura's DVD of Everything Put Together offers an anamorphic transfer (1.85 :1) with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Includes one commentary track by director Marc Forster and another featuring actors Radha Mitchell and Megan Mullally and producer Sean Furst. Also here are a deleted scene with commentary by Forster and a tour of American Cinematheque Egyptian Theater. Keep-case.
—Gregory P. Dorr

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