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Aging Robert MacDougal (Sean Connery) is a master art thief who enjoys a quiet retirement in his remote Scottish castle far from civilization, but he is drawn back into the world of high-stakes larceny when super-sexy Virginia Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a New York insurance investigator, reveals to him that she leads a criminal double-life and needs his help to snare a valuable Chinese artifact, which she intends to sell to a wealthy buyer in Kuala Lumpur. But is she really planning a heist? Is she planning to turn the shady Scot over to her employers? Is she going to use his expertise and then betray him for all of the loot? And beyond that, will this tasty bit of crumpet hop in the sack with a man more than twice her age? Entrapment is one of those films that likes to keep the audience guessing, but in this case it's to its own detriment. The lack of exposition and shoddy chemistry between the two leads make this overlong excursion less of a meal and more like a snack-plate, with just two heist sequences and a final chase that manage to sustain interest. Connery fans will enjoy his firm performance here, although it's the sort of role that has become routine for him by now. Meanwhile, male viewers will likely feel the urge to bounce a dime off Ms. Zeta-Jones' incredibly firm ass — director Jon Amiel's camera is all over it like chocolate on a Ding Dong. Also starring Ving Rhames and Will Patton. Good transfer, DD 5.1, trailers for Entrapment and Rising Sun.

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