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Enter The Dragon: 25th Anniversary Edition

The British government suspects that reclusive millionaire Han (Kien Shih) is running drugs from his island fortress in the South Pacific and convinces kung fu expert Lee (Bruce Lee) to enter Han's upcoming martial arts tournament so that he can assess the island and return with information. The plot is lukewarm, the acting is no better, and the looped dialogue track is downright annoying — but the abundant hand-to-hand combat of Enter The Dragon is what has made it a legendary film, perfectly showcasing Lee's prodigious talents. The inclusion of martial-arts experts Jim Kelly and Robert Wall in supporting roles only adds to the film's authenticity, and even Kien and John Saxon, who actually were professional film actors, also pursued the martial arts in their off-camera lives. Look closely and you can see a young Jackie Chan have his neck snapped by Lee towards the end of the movie, as well as Chan's movie-pal Sammo Hung, who is Lee's tournament opponent at the film's outset. Directed by Robert Clouse, with a score by Lalo Schifrin. This edition includes three additional minutes of footage that was cut from the theatrical release. Good transfer from an acceptable source print that is fading but shows little damage, new DD 5.1 mix, and the 25th Anniversary-edition extras include extensive interview footage with Lee, an introduction by and interview footage with Lee's widow Linda Lee Caldwell, the original 1973 promotional featurette, trailers, TV spots, and textual supplements.

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