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Disturbing Behavior

The new kid in town quickly discovers there's something sinister going on at Cradle Bay High School, where his fellow students stalk the hallways like preppie robots. With a high-concept idea like this, who needs screenwriting? Not the producers of Disturbing Behavior, an underachieving teen thriller riddled with pseudo-hip slang, weak pop-culture catch phrases, and obvious references to far more inspired films like Children of the Damned and A Clockwork Orange. It's too bad. Smart screenwriter Scott Rosenberg (Beautiful Girls) must have been aiming for pay day. TV's Dawson's Creek ingenue Katie Holmes wanders through the lifeless plot like she's on anesthesia. Directed by syndicated TV veteran David Nutter. Good transfer, 1.85 widescreen and pan-and-scan on opposite sides of the disc, DD 5.1. Extras include a commentary by Nutter, the music video of "Got You (Where I Want You)" by The Flys, and 11 deleted scenes, most of which are inexplicably better than anything in the final cut. Also features a "shocking and revealing alternate ending," which is almost as tepid as the formula twist tacked on for theatrical release. A four-page booklet promises insights from the film's young stars. Now that's disturbing!
—Gregory P. Dorr

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