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Dirty Harry

The film that launched a thousand movie cops who don't play by the rules. Clint Eastwood is Detective Harry Callahan, a loner law enforcer; his partners always end up in the hospital or worse, his superiors can't control him, and no criminal is safe when he's around. In this first movie of what would become a major film franchise, Harry aims his .44 Magnum at Scorpio, a serial killer terrorizing San Francisco. Eastwood is great. It's easy to see how he turned his (initially passive) character into an icon. Strong direction by Don Siegel and an awesome score by Lalo Schifrin add some juice to an otherwise by-now-formulaic plot. Bruce Surtees gritty cinematography looks great in 2.35 anamorphic widescreen (pan & scan on other side) and Schifrin's superlative score soars in this 5.1 remix. Extras include a horrible trailer, French and Spanish language dubs, and production notes.
—Gregory P. Dorr

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