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The Color of Money

Paul Newman reprises his role as Fast Eddie Felson in this electric 1986 sequel to the classic 1961 pool hall drama The Hustler. Director Martin Scorsese sublimates much of his kinetic stylistics, focusing intensely instead on the burning character conflicts between Eddie and his young, dopey protégé Vincent (Tom Cruise, in an excellent, self-effacing turn). Some felt that Scorsese "sold-out" by helming a star-driven sequel for Disney's Touchstone Pictures, but his approach here (like his star) is simply more mature. Newman won a deserved Best Actor Oscar for his terrific, understated performance as this one time hot-shot given a chance late in life to face his mirror-image and learn from his own mistakes. Scorsese keeps the tone and pacing fluid, but saves his cinematic ingenuity for the pool scenes, putting the camera onto the table and into the game and making nine-ball look like the most exciting game in the world. Also with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, John Turturro, and Helen Shaver. Presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and Dolby Digital 4.1. Trailer, keep case.

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