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The Client

Susan Sarandon stars in this adaptation of John Grisham's novel as Reggie Love, a Memphis lawyer who takes the case of 11-year-old Mark Sway (Brad Renfro), a white-trash youth who is implicated in the suicide of a mob lawyer. While The Client offers a compelling plot and is directed at an agreeable pace by Joel Schumacher, the vicarious mother-son relationship between Reggie and Mark grows wearing by the second half of the film, particularly since Renfro's character is such an annoying, headstrong brat that the audience finds themselves hoping the fair-minded Sarandon will smack him upside the head. Tommy Lee Jones is great fun as U.S. District Attorney "The Reverend" Roy Foltrigg, but he's not used nearly enough. Also starring J.T. Walsh, William H. Macy, Ossie Davis, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Edwards, Anthony LaPaglia, and Will Patton. Good transfer, Dolby 2.0, trailer, textual supplements.

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