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The Circus: The Chaplin Collection

Wedged between two unequivocal classics, The Gold Rush (1925) and City Lights (1931), 1928's The Circus is remembered as Charlie Chaplin's undervalued "forgotten" feature-length Tramp film. This comedy-romance, in which the Tramp wanders into a traveling circus and unwittingly becomes its star attraction, remained largely out of circulation for forty years. It turns out that The Circus is a comic delight and deserves a spotlight as a representative of Chaplin's maturing work in feature films. The highlight places the Tramp in a nightmare situation high on a tightrope when his support harness breaks away, leaving him stranded high above the crowd with only his wits — then he's besieged by a pack of aggressive monkeys who cling to him and pull down his trousers, revealing that he's forgotten his tights. It's a gem of a comedy. The DVD, part of The Chaplin Collection from MK2 and Warner Bros., is likewise a splendid discovery. The print is quite good and the supplements are a treasure trove for Chaplinologists. Dual-DVD keep-case in paperboard sleeve.
—Mark Bourne

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