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Can't Hardly Wait

In the grand tradition of high school party comedies, Can't Hardly Wait pays affectionate homage to genre predecessors like Sixteen Candles while establishing its own consistently funny take on teen rowdiness. Keeping with the successful formula, Can't Hardly Wait takes place on the last day of school, and the subjects most on everyone's mind are sex, beer, romance, and revenge. Writing-directing team Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan observe this milieu like masters, with bright style and hilarious cheek. Their ensemble cast of young talents is exceptional. Although marketed as a vehicle for Jennifer Love Hewitt, she's hardly in it. The movie belongs primarily to Ethan Embry, the love-struck lad who pursues her, Charlie Korsmo, as a nerd bent on comeuppance, and hilarious Seth Green, as a desperate "wigger" whose 'tude is tested when faced with "knockin' boots." A fun, creative comedy, even if, like a high school party, it's hard to remember the next day. With Melissa Joan Hart, and a cameo by Jenna Elfman, who is quickly turning into Carol Burnett. Presented in 1.85:1 widescreen and pan-and-scan, and both 5.1 Digital and 2.0 Dolby. Includes commentary by Elfont and Kaplan and the cast, music video "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" by Smash Mouth, photo gallery, trailer, keep case.
—Gregory P. Dorr

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