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Brain of Blood

This consistently amusing horror absurdity generously unrolls a series of preposterous plot turns as a deranged doctor (Kent Taylor) plots to take over a small, fictional country by transplanting the brain of its benevolent, dying dictator into a new body controlled by a Flash Gordon-like noise-making device. There's a hitch in Doctor Trenton's plans, however, when the receiving body is hopelessly damaged and the brain must be planted into the hulking frame of the Doctor's acid-scarred simpleton assistant, Gor (John Bloom, in an ill-fitting, frayed, rubber ski mask). Meanwhile, Trenton's evil dwarf sidekick Dorro (Angelo Rossitto) torments young women chained in the basement, and another doctor (Grant Williams, dressed like Robert Evans) attempts to uncover Trenton's plot. In the movie for no reason whatsoever is a ludicrously untalented blonde with terrible hair and enormous breasts (Regina Carrol, who must be stopped). Brain of Blood is exactly the kind of silly, sloppy, cheapo B-movie (with an incomprehensible ending) ideal as appetizer fare at "bad movie parties," for those who enjoy that sort of thing. For best results, watch under the influence of intoxicants. Image Entertainment offers Brain of Blood as part of "The Blood Collection." The film is presented full-frame with monaural audio. Hemisphere Pictures producer Sam Sherman offers a commentary focusing mainly on the history of his company. Also included are an interview with actress Beverly Powers (who has nothing to do with this film), a long and annoying promo for "House of Terror," a still gallery, and trailers for several B-movies. Keep-case.
—Gregory P. Dorr

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