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Blue Streak: Special Edition

Expert safecracker Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) gets his hands on a $17 million diamond, but when one of his partners double-crosses him before the job is over, Logan takes refuge in a construction site and hides the rock in a ventilation duct before getting nabbed by the cops. After a two-year stretch in the joint, Logan returns to the exact location of his arrest, only to discover (to his extreme dismay) that it is a new LAPD precinct, complete with round-the-clock high-tech security. Logan's solution? Have a forger friend fit him out with an LAPD badge, fold, and transfer papers, and then pose as a new detective so he can reach the third floor's ventilation system. But even the best-laid plans can go awry, and in the midst of Logan's many attempts to recover his loot, he soon becomes the best burglary detective in the precinct and the shining star of his superiors. Overflowing with Martin Lawrence's gifts at rapid-fire improvised dialogue and lunatic physical comedy, Blue Streak is one of his most engaging comedies yet, keeping the plot as simple as possible and letting Lawrence riff on everything around him. Dave Chappelle turns in a good supporting role as a dim-witted former accomplice whose only mission in life is to annoy the short-fused Lawrence, and their bits together (or just about any sequence where Lawrence administers an ass-kicking) are laugh-out-loud funny. Directed by Les Mayfield. Good transfer, widescreen or pan-and-scan, DD 5.1, two 20-minute featurettes, three music videos, trailers for Blue Streak and Bad Boys, cast and crew notes.

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