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Blade II: Platinum Series

A misguided sequel if there ever was one, 2002's Blade II has none of the charm of the 1998 original and only offers non-stop action as a fallback (action that has too much CGI as well). The film is about the vampire nation offering a truce to Blade (Wesley Snipes): a new breed of vampire has been born, called the "Reaper Strain," headed up by Nomak (Luke Goss), that is like the Ebola version of vampirism and feeds on humans and vampires alike. Since Blade loves humans, and this Nomak is a threat to all living things, Blade becomes captain of the vampire squad that was training to kill him, led by the pretty Nyssa (Lenora Valera) and troublemaker Reinhart (Ron Perlman). Vampire hunting, bad CGI, WWF fighting moves, and double-crossing ensue. Directed by fan favorite Guillermo Del Toro, Blade II tries to be too much and never hits the right tone, although Snipes delivers at least one good line. New Line's Platinum Series two-disc release presents the film in anamorphic widescreen (1.85:1) with audio in Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 6.1, and Dolby 2.0 Surround. Extras on the first disc are two audio commentaries, one with writer David Goyer and Wesley Snipes, the other with Del Toro and producer Peter Frankfurt. Also included is a DD 5.1 isolated score track. On disc two is an 85-minute documentary "A Pact in Blood" with on-the-fly supplements, six "Sequence Breakdowns" that show production footage, the original and shooting scripts, storyboards and the finished scene. Also included are a visual effects section featuring three featurettes, two large still galleries, 16 deleted scenes (25 minutes) with optional commentary, trailers, video game promo, the press kit, and a music video. Dual-DVD slimline keep-case.

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